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Sai Sharnam Pty Ltd T/A Australia India Repatriation Flights (AIRF) is pleased to announce 3 more private charter flights from Chennai to Perth to support India to Australia Group.

We have successfully organised 4 flights from India to Australia and these are listed below
Our past flights
1- Delhi to Sydney - 5th May 2020 - Operated by Singapore Airlines
2- Chennai to Brisbane - 26th June 2020 - Operated by SINGAPORE AIRLINES
3-  Mumbai to Adelaide - 26th June 2020 -Operated by SINGAPORE AIRLINES
4- Delhi to Adelaide  Malaysian Airlines landed in Australia on 1st August 2020
5 - Chennai to Perth - 14th Jan 21
6-  Chennai to Perth - 21st Jan 21
7-  Chennai to Perth - 28th Jan 21
8- 17th February - Chennai to Perth to Sydney
9- 22nd February - Delhi to Perth to Sydney
10- 1st March - Mumbai to Perth to Sydney

We have been approached by several Australians still stuck in India and hence we have been exploring options of arranging Private Charter Flight from India to Australia to help stranded Australians.

We are pleased to announce that we will be operating following flights from Chennai to Perth in collaboration with Garuda Indonesia Airlines. These flights are only for the Australia Citizens and Permanent Residents of Australia. Any other visa class holders with appropriate exemption provided by Department of Home Affairs, Australia will be eligible to take this flight. It is mandatory to undertake COVID-19 test with-in 72 hours before departure and must provide an evidence of negative COVID-19 test to be able to board the flight.

There are only limited seats available on these flights due to cap restrictions imposed by the Australian Authorities and hence we urge you to book the seats promptly. Priority for booking will be given to vulnerable people registered with Australian High Commission in India

March 21 Flights
1) 11th February - Chennai to Perth

Note: There will be only a technical halt for refuelling for 1 hr approx. in Batang, Passengers will stay inside the plane and will not be allowed to disembark the plane at Jakarta.